'Fingerstyle Guitar Secrets'

Your ultimate blueprint for becoming a great modern fingerstyle guitarist.

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What is Fingerstyle Guitar Secrets?

And How Can It Help You To Become A Massively Better Guitarist?

In over 40 exercises you will learn how to master the most important modern fingerstyle techniques.

CHAPTER #1 - Percussive Guitar Playing
Learn how to sound like two instruments at once.

CHAPTER #2 - Modern Fingerpicking
Write impressive modern fingerpicking melodies.

CHAPTER #3 - Incorporating Harmonics
Use harmonics beautifully in your songs.

CHAPTER #4 - Two-Hand Tapping
Stun the audience and make playing much more fun.

CHAPTER #5 - Special Techniques
Make your playing stand out and more interesting.

CHAPTER #6 - Tips & Tricks
​My best tips & tricks to play cleanly and confidently.

CHAPTER #7 - Secret Riffs
​Learn my best and unused secret riffs.

Here Are A Few Of The Lessons That You'll Be Given For FREE...

  • Get to know my radically different teaching philosophy and the most important factor when learning the guitar! [Page 7]
  • Discover the three essential special techniques that will make your playing unique and stand out. These are the techniques you won’t learn in music school! They catch the eye and the ear of your listeners and make your guitar playing really special. [Page 43]
  • Find out about the two most common mistakes (most amateur guitarist make) that spoil your sound – and how to avoid them. [Page 51]
  • Learn to use your guitar as a completely new instrument - a drum kit - and create really cool beats in just one day. [Page 10]
  • Discover my #1 finger exercise that only takes 2 minutes and leads to a better two-hand coordination and better legato skills in less than 7 days. [Page 53]
  • Become a one-man-band and make your guitar sound like several instruments at once. This technique makes every chord progression you have ever played so much cooler. [Page 13]
  • Understand how to create great melodies by learning my modern fingerpicking schemes including my special hand holding position. [Page 19]
  • Learn how to play with a great groove and rhythm by getting to know my indispensable backbeat mastery technique that I use in pretty much all of my songs. [Page 26]
  • Understand the theory behind harmonics and get to know my top 3 methods on how to incorporate harmonics into your playing to make it much more interesting. [Page 28]
  • Impress your audience with the eye-catching two-hand tapping technique that opens up so many new expressive possibilities on the guitar. [Page 41]
  • Having trouble making hammer-ons and pull-offs sound loud enough? I show you how to create loud and full-sounding melodies with only one hand. [Page 35]
  • Get to know my #1 fingerpicking technique that I use in my most successful songs. This technique helps you to write powerful melodic picking patterns with groovy backbeats at the same time. [Page 27]
  • Become a better guitarist who plays confidently and cleanly, even complex songs. Learn how to practice correctly with my top 5 practicing tips and my favorite finger exercise. [Page 51]
  • Discover and learn to play some of my best secrets riffs that nobody has ever heard yet. These riffs will inspire you and boost your own creativity as you learn to use all these techniques in real songs. [Page 54]

About Tobias

Tobias Rauscher is a solo acoustic guitarist who specializes in modern percussive fingerstyle. His original songs enjoy great success with over 45 million video views on YouTube.

For more than 15 years he's been teaching the guitar. In 2015, he founded his own online guitar academy to help guitarists around the world learning to play modern fingerstyle

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